Alpha Development and Investments is a 360-degree real estate company that focuses on partnering with community members to initiate and close deals within Essex County and beyond.



CEO and founder, Benedict Guerrier II, is a successful venture capitalist who serves his community by sharing expertise, social capital, and mentorship to districts that are have been disenfranchised through redlining and predatory lending practices. Benedict leads the effort to bridge the gap between wealth and zip code, and literally changes the lives of people in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.


Celebrity Fix N' Flip leverages the platform of celebrities to galvanize the community into home ownership and financial freedom. We “buy back the block” to stop the displacement of low-income people from the very communities they created through their culture and sense of belonging. We empower our people with the intent to continue our movement of collective buying power. 

Join us for #RealEstateMondays each and every Monday from 7:30-9:30pm at

La Rouge Lounge in Newark, NJ